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Join our Health and Wealth Revolution Community.

We are a growing community that inspires, supports and embraces people to design a life of infinite dreams, financial serenity and FUN!

Our mission is to transform 100,000 lives,  three friends at a time



Here’s how it works…

Week One: Commit to transform your health for one year



Week Two: Find 2 friends that will commit to transform their health for one year

Receive $150-$370

You Two


Week Three: Help them find two friends each that are committed to transforming their health for one year

Receive $200

Them Two


Complete all three steps in 30 days and receive an 

additional bonus of $250,

for a total of up $600-$820… or more!


Week Four: REPEAT!

This is where the fun begins! There is no limit to the number of lives you can transform, or amount of money you can make!

 See what’s happening with members of our community!

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